Some Useful Links...

Jill Gough's blog - words to teach by.

Money Lessons for Kids and Teens - help students learn about money. The guide discusses the importance of learning about and understanding how to manage money, while also providing a multitude of resources. At the bottom of the resource I've included a bunch of money lessons that teachers can use in their classroom to help their students learn even more. The author, Chloe Rousseau, is an educational outreach writer and financial consultant for a site that sells checks but also features math lessons, specifically about money topics for students and teachers.

Classroom Mathematics - an impressive collection of links to Mathematics education resources.

Math Madness - Bob Garvey's site for music in the mathematics classroom

Tom Reardon's site: "Mr. SmartyBoard"

Teachers Teaching with Technology - find out about Texas Instruments' T3 Professional Development services, including conferences, workshops, and summer institutes around the world. 

Texas Instruments' Education Site - the source for information about the calculators, free downloads of computer and calculator software, and classroom lesson plans and activities.

The Infinity Project - home of the engineering curriculum for high school students. 

The Interactive Mathematics Classroom - maintained by Rex Boggs. A collection of over 150 links to interactive demos, lessons, activities, etc. on the WWW. - a website devoted to TI Graphing Calculators 

Hopatcong, NJ and the Lake Hopatcong Historical Museum

The Math Forum @ Drexel 

Nick's Mathematical Puzzles.... challenging mathematics problems from a 'regular' guy!

A natural fractal: Queen Anne's Lace (mine!)

NCTM - the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

AMTNJ - the Association of Mathematics Teachers of New Jersey

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